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Step 1: Request for quotations with Certifying Bodies

Request a personal intake with The Certification Leaders to receive a quick and non-binding quote.

Step 2: Pre-Audit

Do you want gain insight into the current status of the management system and to what extent it already meets the requirements of the standard? A pre-audit uncovers parts that need further improvement before the certification audit takes place.

Step 3: The Certification Audit

A certification audit consists of two phases:

Phase 1: The documentation review

The assessment of the documented management system to determine whether all the documented information required by the standard is present. This assesses whether the organization is ready for the next phase.

Phase 2: The implementation audit

During the documentation review it was determined whether a management system has been set up that fits the requirements of the standard. During the implementation audit it will be assessed whether the organization also works according to these documents. We’ll go into practice to assess whether processes run in accordance with the requirements of the standard and your own procedures. In addition, attention is paid to continuous improvement within the organization.

Step 4: Completion and follow-up

In this stage, the auditor completes the report. There may still be points that need to be addressed before the certificate will be released. These non-conformities will be communicated with the organization, and arrangements will then be made about potential follow-up. 

After the final report has been drawn up, an internal check on the quality of the report will take place and the final certification decision will be made.

Step 5: Annual follow-up

A certificate is valid for three years. Every year a surveillance audit is carried out to determine whether the management system continues to meet the requirements. In addition, the auditor checks whether the organization pays enough attention to continuous improvement.


We do not work with complex forms and questionnaires in order to make a non-binding quote for certification. In order to obtain the necessary information, we are happy to schedule an intake through phone or online. During the intake we will also answer any of your questions.