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ISO 27001 certification

The standard for ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized standard for information security. In today’s business operations, we are increasingly dealing with data flows and the handling of critical data. Customers are increasingly demanding this and expect certification from your organization in the field of information security. The requirement for ISO 27001 certification is becoming more and more common in tenders and contracts that customers want to enforce.

By means of an ISO 27001 you demonstrate that you have the information security within your organization in check. Sensitive information is protected. The standard stands for a process-oriented approach for determining, implementing, executing, monitoring, maintaining and improving information security based on an Information Security Management System. 

The ISO 27001 standard contains the following aspects about information security:

– Policy (management)

– Organizational (responsibilities)

– Operating assets (infrastructure, network, systems and other operating assets)

– Employees (house rules, errors, theft, fraud, abuse)

– Physical aspects (locks, fire protection)

– Communication and operations (management of systems, processes and procedures)

– Access control (password, biometrics)

– System, software development and maintenance (documentation, processes)

– Continuity (contingency provisions)

– Regulations (Computer Crime Act)

Obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate

In order to obtain the ISO 27001 certificate, a certification audit is required on the management system set up by your organization, which meets the requirements of the standard. You can implement the ISO 27001 information security management system yourself, possibly with the support of a consultant. The process for obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate is as follows:

Step 1: Requesting quotations from Certifying Bodies

Step 2: Pre-Audit

Step 3: The Certification Audit

Step 4: Completion and follow-up

Step 5: Annual follow-up

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